How to: edible pyramid

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Very observant readers this blog has. Some of you noticed the pyramids playing a fitting if minor part in the mummy slide shows in the previous post (see the close-ups below). They took 10 minutes to make and were if possible even tastier than the mummy centerpiece itself.

Buy Panettone, carve it into a pyramid by shaving off the sides. Spread mascarpone cheese on the sides. Sift brown sugar and cinnamon on the sides to give the pyramid a sandy look. That's it! (serve with sliced pineapple for zest)

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Halloween special - Make your own edible mummy

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<-- notice the saw in the bottom right corner, I mean how else would you get at the best parts?

Woah the guests seem remarkably unperturbed by this life-sized beast. This is a real goodie for Halloween and ridiculously easy to make. All you need to make your edible mummy is rice paper, e.g.

Check out the slide show below. Wrap a table in aluminum foil, spread whatever your heart desires in the shape of a mummy and wrap it in rice paper - looks just like cloth. Round rice paper becomes rectangular when folded. The mummy is just as tasty as the ingredients you stuff it with. This one was filled with a meaty salad (no pun intended). Hands and feet were made with marzipan. M&Ms make for nice nails. The head is a carved cantaloupe with a marzipan nose. As one of the feet was putrefying it had to be made of gooey hummus. Interestingly, M&Ms (the toenails) actually start to dissolve if put in hummus (little did you know)

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Devouring the edible mummy:

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(Thanks to @tedvalentin for the pics)

Submitted by @olofster

Cooking for looking loves your submissions

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  • Make food that doesn't look like food. (*or make a dish that looks like another dish e.g. a scrumptious dessert indistinguishable from a cheeseburger - we challenge you to make that one =P)
  • Make it taste great
  • Send your creations to cookingforlooking at and we'll spread the surrealism online
  • Enjoy!

Making an edible garden

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How to make an edible garden: Crumble pumpernickel bread. It's nice and earthy and moist. Thinly sliced laks looks just like worms. Fake potatoes are made out of white bread (no edges) you roll between your hands until potato-shaped and then dip in tapenade. No one will be able to tell the difference! Hide under layers of crumbled pumpernickel. Lastly, stick some radishes in the ground, including the leaves. Check out the slide show below.

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(Submitted by Olof)

update: Garden / Salad theme dinner part II

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Continuing with the garden / salad theme a bread and cheese salad was served before dessert (sliced pear and pomegranate added - just as you would on a proper cheese platter).

Dessert equally salad-shaped. Two leaves of bitter red lettuce concealing an orange-strawberry fruit salad marinated in limoncello with violet flavored lollipop shards to add texture


Hello world - Happy Birthday

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Cooking for looking is born with its 1st submission: Elderberry jello with fruit sallad served with the ubiquituous

(Submitted by Olof)

Do's -

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  • Absolutely whatever
  • Make it look good
  • Make it taste good
  • Simplicity wins