Halloween special: Edible outhouse

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This may be childish but just a week from Halloween and you can't help yourself. Incidentally, this desert is also a good test of friendship. The dinner was in part an homage to my Swedish heritage - most country houses have outhouses and they all have the same iconic design sporting a heart-shaped ventilation hole and slanted roof. We'll challenge you to figure out which of the outhouses below is wooden vs. edible :)

Making this is straightforward to anyone who's made a gingerbread house - the difference here is that the house has a filling and that you made need some practice to ensure the heart on the outhouse door turns out right. Make your own cardboard design, use your favorite sweet short pastry recipe and assemble with molten sugar.

Again, this is not for the faint-hearted: Fill the outhouse with a gooey mixture of chocolate mousse, peanut butter and finely chopped strawberries for added consistency. Cover in dark chocolate sauce if you want. Place a small bucket of Sauternes in the middle - the dish needs yellow. Garnish with juniper twigs for pastoral look and slight chemical smell. 

Eat, drink and be merry. (btw, if you liked this you may like last year's life-sized edible mummy)

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Edible ashcloud & volcano dinner - #ashtag

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In honor of Eyjafjallajökull and the temporarily displaced. While Iceland's volcano disrupted air travel across the globe she also gave rise to something quite benign: at least one song and a collection of short stories. Now she's inspired a dish.

Assembling this feast is surprisingly easy - once you've figured out how to build the ashcloud and rocky mountain sides. Cotton candy makes for tasty ashclouds. Mix squid ink with cream cheese and spread on lavash bread  - inseparable from volcanic rock! (And interestingly the squid ink doesn't really add any flavor). Tabouleh makes for great soil on the sides of the mountain. Hide a Middle Eastern salad under the lavash bread - smoky baba ghanoush, falafel, etc. - and when you eat this, use the rock (i.e. the cream cheese covered lavash bread) instead of pita to make your own scrumptious roll.

We'll get back to you with more details on the how-to shortly.

Last time she erupted (1821) she went on for 2 years so perhaps this dinner will prove itself relevant well into the decade.


Notice the airplane ducking the cloud:)

(Thanks to @amandahesser, @starkness, @joshuakeay and Joanna Zawieja for the pics)

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How to: edible pyramid

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Very observant readers this blog has. Some of you noticed the pyramids playing a fitting if minor part in the mummy slide shows in the previous post (see the close-ups below). They took 10 minutes to make and were if possible even tastier than the mummy centerpiece itself.

Buy Panettone, carve it into a pyramid by shaving off the sides. Spread mascarpone cheese on the sides. Sift brown sugar and cinnamon on the sides to give the pyramid a sandy look. That's it! (serve with sliced pineapple for zest)

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Halloween special - Make your own edible mummy

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<-- notice the saw in the bottom right corner, I mean how else would you get at the best parts?

Woah the guests seem remarkably unperturbed by this life-sized beast. This is a real goodie for Halloween and ridiculously easy to make. All you need to make your edible mummy is rice paper, e.g.

Check out the slide show below. Wrap a table in aluminum foil, spread whatever your heart desires in the shape of a mummy and wrap it in rice paper - looks just like cloth. Round rice paper becomes rectangular when folded. The mummy is just as tasty as the ingredients you stuff it with. This one was filled with a meaty salad (no pun intended). Hands and feet were made with marzipan. M&Ms make for nice nails. The head is a carved cantaloupe with a marzipan nose. As one of the feet was putrefying it had to be made of gooey hummus. Interestingly, M&Ms (the toenails) actually start to dissolve if put in hummus (little did you know)

Created with flickr slideshow.

Devouring the edible mummy:

Created with flickr slideshow.

(Thanks to @tedvalentin for the pics)

Submitted by @olofster

Cooking for looking loves your submissions

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  • Make food that doesn't look like food. (*or make a dish that looks like another dish e.g. a scrumptious dessert indistinguishable from a cheeseburger - we challenge you to make that one =P)
  • Make it taste great
  • Send your creations to cookingforlooking at gmail.com and we'll spread the surrealism online
  • Enjoy!

Making an edible garden

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How to make an edible garden: Crumble pumpernickel bread. It's nice and earthy and moist. Thinly sliced laks looks just like worms. Fake potatoes are made out of white bread (no edges) you roll between your hands until potato-shaped and then dip in tapenade. No one will be able to tell the difference! Hide under layers of crumbled pumpernickel. Lastly, stick some radishes in the ground, including the leaves. Check out the slide show below.

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(Submitted by Olof)